Friday, September 30, 2011

Fridays eats


2011-09-30 04.36.132011-09-30 04.36.212011-09-30 04.36.312011-09-30 04.37.132011-09-30 04.54.592011-09-30 19.01.312011-09-30 19.23.15

  • 3 egg whites, 2 slices turkey bacon (ehh jury is still out on this choice?) quarter cup dry measure of oatmeal
  • shake
  • Fage with berries, cinnamon, Splenda and cinnamon
  • 3 ounces chicken and oven baked vegetables
  • super salad with egg whites and cold green beans instead of lettuce (doesn’t wilt)
  • popcorn
  • apple and a Baby Bel light

tomorrow: boot camp, cleaners, Follow your Heart (gluten free tortilla’s), TJ’s (egg white salad), Costco (the usual), Ralphs (hubbys “normal food” ???), Nordstroms (perfume), pay bills, nail appointment

:::: sigh :::

come on vacation!!! where are you my friend!!

night night yall Smile with tongue out

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I RAN a mile!!! OMG!!!

yes folks, I ran a mile… I went to the gym this morning.

Did a few minutes on the treadmill to warm up, then off to train…

35 minutes later …all done (ha ha or so I thought!!)

then he says do 20 minutes on the Stairmaster at level 4 and come see me, well I am a total whimp… the entire time I am thinking… I wonder if he would notice if I cheated? should I cheat? then it turned into NO, I can do this… as the sweat is starting to run … I went over to him… all proud expecting a “see ya Saturday at bootcamp” but ha ha …no, he says can you run? me being the dumb bunny immediately speak the truth, “yeah, sure”

he says… go run a mile at level 5-6

WHAT!!! me??? run??? what are you kidding? I haven’t run in literally YEARS!!  or maybe ever…


I freaking did it!!! OMG, I am so stinking proud of myself…

eats today

2011-09-29 08.31.052011-09-29 11.02.552011-09-29 13.41.202011-09-29 14.36.142011-09-29 17.08.14

  • 4 egg whites and oatmeal
  • roasted asparagus, red bell pepper, red onion and mushrooms with 3 ounces chicken
  • Fage with cinnamon, Splenda, vanilla and berries
  • Jolly time mini bag popcorn
  • salad with chicken

2011-09-29 19.09.06

I could have ruined the entire day by getting into my husbands M&M’s …I did have about 10… then went and cut up an apple with cinnamon and Splenda and now I am good

off to read

nighty night blogger buddies Smile

Yesterday, and this morning

Good morning ladies and germs Smile with tongue out 

138.2 was peeking at me this morning from yee ole scale…. not too bad as long as I keep it under 140!! then life is good in Karla’s world

yesterday my email was slow so my pictures didn’t upload until this morning, so yesterday’s eats were:

2011-09-28 04.55.272011-09-28 19.23.37

I had the usual for breakfast (4 egg whites and quarter cup dry measure of oatmeal)

work food: a super duper salad with cottage cheese

3 ounces chicken with broccoli and balsamic dressing (thinned out)


and the Gluten Free tortillas don’t roll, they just sort of crack when I roll them so I used them flat; 3 ounces turkey on the gluten free tortilla with spicy mustard and peppers

when I came home I had some more egg whites and a few bites of my daughters salad and a handful of peanuts

over all good day Smile 

now onto this morning… I am baking oven vegetables …. asparagus, mushrooms, red onions and red bell peppers misted with olive oil and some crushed red pepper and figured I would throw some chicken into the oven… well I have Lynn on my facebook in case you have been living under a rock in the weight loss blogging world and DON”T know Lynn here is her link and another and even yet another 

she is AMAZING!!! love her, I would love to be able to one day meet her… ah well …….any who ha 

on her Facebook she starts threads all the time and it gets me thinking about a topic, and I like to see others comments about that topic. Well the other day she started a thread about sugar and foods that contain sugar.. and do you even look at the sugar content in your foods?… well that got me to thinking ….. hummmm…..Thinking smileThinking smileThinking smileThinking smile 

so this morning when I grabbed my favorite chicken marinade ….

2011-09-29 06.21.372011-09-29 06.21.56

DANG!!! look at those ingredients… Sugar and WHEAT!!! what the heck!!!

:::: sigh :::::

so the chicken I am baking this morning has pepper and chili powder, I will let ya know how it goes…

later blogger buddies Smile with tongue out

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meeting Day

I was in a rush to get out of the house this morning, I wanted to snag every minute of sleep I could so I had a shake

2011-09-27 05.37.31

I took food to the meeting

2011-09-27 05.12.012011-09-27 05.12.11

that’s it for the Dr Suess jello Open-mouthed smile I love the stuff, and it is so easy, but may be time to mix it up a little… do you have any good jello recipe’s that include cottage cheese?  (for the protein)

Fage with cinnamon, Splenda and vanilla

3 ounces of chicken with left over broccoli

salad inclues :cold green beans (they don’t get all wilty and weird like lettuce) cucumbers, red onions, jicama, broccoli slaw, carrots, red bell pepper, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, soy beans, cottage cheese, balsamic dressing light thinned out with more balsamic vinegar, crushed red pepper and WOW that’s mega salad!!! uber yummo!!

then of course there was food at the meeting I had some fruit and vegetables

2011-09-27 06.37.012011-09-27 10.51.51

not too bad considering there were cookies, muffins, cheese cake, macaroni and cheese and other stuff!! We got to leave early from the meeting 2011-09-27 12.14.08

YEAH Smile with tongue out ….

I may have a popcorn later, I should have something with protein, but I am super tired…. I don’t know all I can think about is crawling into bed with my Nook!

later blogger dudes Open-mouthed smile

Monday, September 26, 2011

Much better

I did way better today… if I make it another hour (I should Smile)

2011-09-26 04.50.49

and my work food:

2011-09-26 05.09.492011-09-26 13.00.44

I had a shake, Fage yogurt with Splenda, cinnamon and vanilla, then 4 more egg whites on a gluten free tortilla with mustard and some peppercinini’s

carrots and jello

2011-09-26 18.41.30

dinner was 3 ounces of chicken and some left over oven vegetables I had forgotten about

I went shopping tonight…. yeah Smile 

I made the Mother of all salads and I have 6 chicken breasts baking right now… dang but I am pooped! up at 4AM and I want to be 100% done by 9pm so I have at least an hour to read … I need a clone like that movie Multiplicity if you haven’t seen it watch it! it’s a cute movie


my luck I would end up with #3 Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out 

okey dokey blogger dudes and dudettes nighty night

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Stroganoff with noodles

Shot me ..........

When ya need to grocery shop…


2011-09-25 04.48.58 2011-09-25 05.07.082011-09-25 05.07.182011-09-25 05.07.272011-09-25 05.09.422011-09-25 18.48.11

you do the best you can!!!

  • 4 egg whites and a quarter cup dry measure of oatmeal, I splurged and threw in some PB2
  • Fage with Splenda and PB2 (the chocolate flavored one) this tastes like you are eating a bowl of peanut butter… Smile with tongue out
  • green beans (they were frozen) and chicken
  • broccoli (yep frozen also) and chicken
  • my Dr Suess SF lime jello
  • and a shake

I had to tweak things a little and end up with the shake because the chicken breast didn’t even weigh 6 ounces!! so I needed the protein. I shoot for 120-140 a day. Today was 22 WWer points and 137 protein. My tummy is full! I was so busy at work I chugged a bottle of water on my way home just to get it in (I try to get 3 liters of water every day) but I did it! I will probably be up 14 times tonight to go to the bathroom

oops sorry TMI

I have to hit the grocery store tomorrow night, I did pick up eggs and I looked at the turkey in the lunch meat section… food starch? HUH?? sugar? naaa I passed on it. I will bake another chicken breast in the morning … being a food snob is kind of a pain … ignorance was bliss… along with those size 18 jeans I used to wear… I would cut out the tags so my husband wouldn’t see he size … yeah like that worked… what a dope!

ok blogger buds, I am going to go chillax and read my book, hubbys is already snoring Laughing out loud he’s so silly…

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