Thursday, September 1, 2011

Busy busy day off


2011-09-01 06.14.37I started with a shake this morning

2011-09-01 10.04.00I actually had 2 of the egg white salads today, I had to eat em up (short code dates) but they are only 140 calories each

2011-09-01 12.20.24we went to lunch and I ordered a turkey sandwich, I only ate half of the turkey and not all the fruit. I used the lettuce, sliced up a pickle and made a turkey roll up with the spicy mustard they had Smile 

2011-09-01 15.22.18

frozen yogurt

2011-09-01 17.29.08

I munched on some almonds, no more than an ounce

then tonight I had a few more slices of turkey, you can tell when there is no prepared food in the house!! BUT I just got done cooking; sliced up a watermelon, 2 cantaloupes, hard boiled 18 eggs, baked 5 chicken breasts, baked some spicy vegetables (red bell pepper, red onions, and asparagus) steamed 2 pounds of green beans, made a GIGANTIC salad (no soy beans but I did cave and put some garbanzo beans in… but only half the amount I usually do) … and I just ate two 35 calorie popsicles

so I am set for the next few days and I cooked for less than 2 hours! “there is no time”, awe phooey!!

I went to the gym this morning… yeah me!!! Party smile my daughters trainer let me work out with them…. I may just need to work out something with him, it was AMAZING!!!

see ya tomorrow blogger buds Open-mouthed smile


  1. Okay, I think you've told me before but where do you get your frozen yogurt? Seems like you have one almost every day and looks so delicious.

    Do you eat your egg salad by itself?

    Love your food :)

  2. I wish they carried that egg white salad here. Every time I see you mention it, I get a craving. :D Who makes it?

  3. You get the egg white salad at trader joe's right? I'm going to have to go buy some and try it :) Thanks for posting :)


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