Friday, September 16, 2011

Eating times and vitamins


so maybe I am a little overboard?

2011-09-15 18.00.47

  • B12 I read it helps your metabolism
  • C so I don’t get sick
  • D cause the doctor said I was low on my D when I went in for my physical in June, he told me to take it
  • CoQ10 for my heart
  • Fish oil …Omega 3
  • Ginkgo biloba… because I can be a jelly head
  • Centrum silver, mulit-vitamin for da geezers Smile with tongue out 
  • Hair, skin and nails this helps my hair grow (my hair has NEVER been as long as it is now, since I started taking these)

2011-09-16 07.35.10

what times do I eat? I get up at 4:10, and have my breakfast at 5:30 AM. Then I have this little post it on my computer at work to tell me when to eat, this way I never get hungry… a portion of protein at every meal… also it reminds me when I am super super busy when to eat, and makes me wait when I just want to eat, eat, eat…

so this morning : 5:30

2011-09-16 05.15.13

then I spaced the 4 meals I took to work according to my post it

2011-09-16 04.59.00

  • SF jello with with low fat cottage cheese and a quarter cup of pineapple
  • 3 ounces of chicken with some of the oven roasted vegetables I made yesterday
  • turkey roll up, 3 ounces turkey a slice of light cheese on a gluten free tortilla with jalapenos and peppers
  • salad with 4 egg whites and balsamic vinegar dressing

Now is the big question what do you do when you eat 7 small cookies? (210 calories) blow off the 6:30 meal? … No! my thinking is this if I just go without my 6:30 shake 2011-09-16 05.14.33 

then I will just be setting myself up to be HUNGRY!!! because protein stabilizes you somehow and makes it so you aren’t hungry all the time… or something like that (according to my dieting/gym rat daughter… who is so freaking skinny you want to hate her!!!)

so I decided to suck up the 210 calories and bank on burning them tomorrow at boot camp… stupid meat department and their yummy snacks!!! Annoyed

so there is my day Winking smile

see ya tomorrow blogger buds 

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