Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday 9/2/11


2011-09-02 05.19.51

Breakfast was 4 egg whites and a quarter cup of oatmeal

I have been reading how grains are not good for you, wheat to be specific. I don’t know if I want (or need to) give up my tiny bit of oatmeal every day.

2011-09-02 05.01.01

work food: top row, left to right

3 ounces of chicken with oven roasted red onions, asparagus and red onions. Watermelon, salad with cold green beans instead of lettuce and I thin the heck out of the salad dressing until it isn’t much more than balsamic vinegar Smile with tongue out 

bottom row, left to right

SF lime jello has cottage cheese, crushed pineapple and shredded apple, Fage 0% with some Splenda, cinnamon and some vanilla and protein powder for a shake

I came home and had 2 cream-sickles (20 calories each)

I am going to go watch Project Runway on the DVR…. kick the hubby out of the living room… I am already sick of football

see ya tomorrow blogger pals


  1. How did you make the egg and oatmeal? just cook them in the pan together? sounds interesting. :)

  2. From time to time, I have a little bit of grains.
    Just trying to re-introduce carbs.
    Within the hour, my nose starts running,
    I feel bloated, "gassy," and have a headache!
    All those years of aches and pains! (inflammation)
    And 99% of them stopped when I stopped grains.
    Maybe I have a touch of gluten intolerance.
    Maybe grains are just not meant for us to eat.
    Either way, I do MUCH better without them!
    Such a shame. I see people who clearly could benefit
    from a week long (a month would be better!)
    grain/gluten free trail! And they probably would not
    believe the difference!
    We have been trained to believe we will die without them.
    What a shame!
    Maybe you could do a mini- session
    (of giving up the gluten) and see how it goes?
    Might be worth investigating!

  3. I hear you on football ... Project runway is SO much better!! What happened with grains???

  4. You just reminded me that I need to catch up on last week's Project Runway. Thank you!


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