Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gluten free replacement?

For whole wheat tortillas???

Any ideas?

The glutin free tortillas have over double the calories!!!

Hummmm I am feeling a Google search in the making :p


  1. I guess knowing how to spell Gluten, orr is it Glutin or glutien???? will be my first job.... LOL

  2. Gluten is worse for you than calories. Period. If it's a choice between gluten-junk or extra calories, go for extra calories. Although I don't know what's in gluten-free wraps...is it weird ingredients?

    Hey, do you live in an area that gets Pure Wraps? I've been wanting to try them (though I don't hold hope it will be great, just wanna try em).

    Wrap in lettuce. Big Romaine Leaves or Bowl-like Iceberg lettuce. :)

  3. Oh, just realized that you csn try sprouted organic corn wraps. I used to use those for breakfast "tacos" (eggs or whites, veggies, lowfat cheese) and sandwiches. It's a different taste vibe, but I think the sprouting helps make it a better food and corn isn't gluteny. :)I used to buy these:

    Very nice taste, chewier than wheat. And toasted in a pan, made amazingly nummy quesadillas.

    If I were gonna hit grains for a quesadilla craving, I'd go buy these. But I try to stay away from all grains other than rice.


  4. Please let us know when you find them. I miss my breakfast wrap. Boo Hoo.


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