Friday, September 9, 2011

Health Screening


If it were a test, I got an A++ Open-mouthed smile 

blood glucose check

cholesterol check

BMI check

blood pressure check

my eating was a few hours off today, because I couldn’t eat or drink until after the test at 9:00.

Egg white omelet with half a portion of soy chorizo, jalapenos, onions and tomatoes, and I ate half of the oatmeal

2011-09-09 09.59.02

a turkey roll up on a La Tortilla 80 calorie tortilla, with mustard and jalapeno relish, 3 ounces of turkey and salad on top

2011-09-09 12.23.28

I ate four fudgesicles Embarrassed smile… they are only 40 calories each so 160 calories is still less than a frozen yogurt is my rationalizing 2011-09-09 13.23.36

Trader Joes egg white salad 140 calories 14 protein 2011-09-09 14.32.20

sugar free jello with a serving of low fat cottage cheese and a quarter cup pineapple

2011-09-09 17.34.46

I will probably have a protein shake later

total chill day, laundry, reading just relaxing soooo nice

see ya tomorrow blogger buds


  1. What gym do you go to?

  2. I wont buy fudge cicles they are to addicting to me lol yummy but addicting! Glad you had a chill day :)

  3. When will you have the blood work results?
    Mmmmm frozen treats seem to call your name.
    When you make your protein, are you making it like a shake?
    Lots of ice cubes in that mega- blender of yours?
    Mine are so thick, I need a spoon!
    Takes the place of fro-yo!

  4. I wish we had those fudgecicles here! They are something I haven´t eaten in years!
    Have a good weekend!


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