Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have been an ungrateful blogger :(

Becca graciously gave me an award and I was rude and did nothing about it

I am fixing that NOW!!

for blogger’s with less than 200 followers

Thank You Becca, you are sweet Smile 

I have eaten NOTHING today ugh I went to the gym this morning, he was light on me today, seeing as it is a no food day

I have a bit of a headache, kind of feel light headed, understand I eat every 2.5 hours religiously!

how was that for a whine session? Crying face

I thought it would be fun to track my weight super closely for the next few days, this morning I weighed in at 137.4 … tomorrow morning will I see 136? 135? it won’t be “real” though, I understand that

I am rambling now.. I did laundry and counted my work pants … 19!!! I love to shop now and it is kind of crazy Smile with tongue out 

my newest obsession … shoes!!! check out these babies


Sperry, I found them in a magazine. They would be great to dress up work pants (for meetings, no way am I spending 10 hours in heels!!!) or with tights and a dress

love them!!! they are going to be my next purchase

ok enough of me yammering

see ya tomorrow blogger buds, wish me luck tomorrow Smile


  1. Cute shoes. I love shopping now also. I would be STARVING after not eating all day. I also try to eat ever 2 hours. It's bad when you get off schedule though. LOL

  2. Love the shoes!! Congrats on the award and good luck tomorrow!

  3. CUTE SHOES! OMG! Congrats on the award.

  4. You are at my goal weight now! I would kill to weigh what you do :0. Well, not really kill, but great job!!! And it is super fun to shop when you can pick anything on the rack!!


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