Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday 137.4


I had my usual for breakfast : 4 egg whites and quarter cup of oatmeal

2011-09-24 05.10.23

I need to go to the grocery store, I have no fresh vegetables Sad smile

2011-09-24 04.55.01

Dr Suess SF lime jello with cottage cheese and pineapple, 4 egg whites, Fage yogurt with berries, leftover dinner (3 ozs chicken and left over broccoli)

2011-09-24 04.56.522011-09-24 05.00.072011-09-24 05.00.20

protein shake and I cooked a package of green beans and I buy this dressing and dilute it half dressing, half balsamic vinegar (less calories) I put it on the green beans and the chicken and broccoli

just now I had an apple with a bit of cheese

2011-09-24 19.30.39

Tomorrow’s food is gonna be slim pickings!!! I am going to have to be inventive…I so so so need to shop!

later taters Smile with tongue out


  1. :) I'm having that kind of week too! I really need to go shopping!

  2. I did go shopping - at the Farmer's Market!
    And the Grass-Fed ranch!
    That outta hold me for a day or two!

  3. HI, new follower. Your food looks great. I just discovered Fage and I LOVE it!!


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