Monday, September 19, 2011

I’m back :)


hi guys!!! did ya miss me… ha ha Smile with tongue out

I had such an exhausting weekend, I am going to blog and go read in bed!! I should have a shake, but I just did the dishes and I am more tired than hungry

breakfast 2011-09-19 05.21.24

I tried coconut extract in place of the vanilla Sad smile… back to the vanilla and cinnamon tomorrow 2011-09-19 05.03.11Fage with fruit 2011-09-19 05.03.273 ounces chicken with roasted vegetables

2011-09-19 05.03.36salad with 4 egg whites

2011-09-19 05.04.21 SF lime jello with cottage cheese and some crushed pineapple, one of the girls at work asked me what it was, she said it looked like Dr. Suess food LOL

See ya tomorrow blogger buds…


  1. That lime jello always makes my mouth water :)

    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Yay! glad all is well.
    Dr Suess - funny!

  3. Every time I see "SF lime jello" I read "SLime Jello" LOL =) Dr Seuss food is better. I am so impressed with how you stick to your goal even though there are up and down days. Way to go, Karla!!

  4. That lime jello actually looks delicious and it will be on my shopping list. I like the Dr. Seuss food thing, that's cute!


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