Monday, September 12, 2011

Just another day :)

I had to be to work super early this morning so no eggs and oatmeal.

I made a turkey roll up, 3 ounces turkey a slice of cheese on a whole wheat tortilla… and NO I do not smoke…. ick Sad smile the hubby does

2011-09-12 04.17.21

I had the same work food as yesterday

a jello, Trader Joe’s egg white salad, Fage with cinnamon, Splenda and vanilla and a shake  2011-09-11 04.57.44

one of the cashiers at work offered me a Special K bar 2011-09-12 10.48.43

I had a quarter of one bar (package has 2 bars) and they tasted exactly like a poptart…. No thank you! deja vu from my big girl years …. not something I wish to revisit

we went to the MIL’s house for dinner, she has these evil things on her coffee table … I ate only 22011-09-12 17.39.40

dinner was yummo. This doesn’t look like more than 3 ounces of chicken, does it?

2011-09-12 17.46.14

all in all good day, no treadmill though Sad smile 

oh well, there’s always tomorrow

see ya tomorrow blogger buds

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  1. Dinner looks good - I don't even sample the candy anymore...
    Too many triggers! Next thing ya know, I'm running up and down the alley at night, looking for Mars bars and peppermints candy treats.... not a pretty sight...
    Going up to Santa- looking guys... asking them "psssst - did you get the stuff?"
    You know.... that old story!


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