Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day 2011


I was up early, I only had to work 6AM to 2 PM… but no time this morning so I had a shake (home blender)

2011-09-05 05.04.43

no treadmill Sad smile 

peanut butter yogurt (Fage 0% and PB2 and Splenda)

2011-09-05 07.28.10

turkey roll up

2011-09-05 09.51.33

3 oz chicken and roasted asparagus, red onions and red peppers

2011-09-05 11.56.41

another shake  (work blender)

2011-09-05 13.44.15

and I made a HUGE spread for Labor Day… I ate salad

2011-09-05 16.58.29

now for the bites

1. hand full of yogurt covered pretzel's,

2. Maybe 4-5 bites of home made macaroni and cheese

I had leftover mac and cheese and I got it out of the house!!Winking smile

that stuff is too yummy!!! I sent an entire pan home with my son, some for the MIL and the little bit left I fed the trash can (the hubby will never know)

shush …. don’t tell him Nyah-Nyah 

so I am going to go watch True blood … er I hope??? Was it a new episode last night??

later guys, I hope you all had a safe and sane holiday

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