Thursday, September 8, 2011

Really? I think the scale may be lying!!



2011-09-08 07.03.40

HUH? after last nights pig out fest?? well okay Open-mouthed smile thank you scale Gods2011-09-08 08.18.322011-09-08 08.25.41

a cup of oatmeal with cinnamon and some egg whites 2011-09-08 10.53.10

I didn’t have an entire serving left of the Fage but it was delish! when you add the PB2 it’s like eating peanut butter off the spoon

2011-09-08 11.35.37

I was in a hurry, off to the hair salon… gotta get rid of those pesky grey hairs!!

2011-09-08 14.53.18

apple and some cheese. I don’t think I will buy this “cheese” again, notice it says “naturally lactose free” on the packaging??? HUH? I thought you used milk to make cheese? how can it be lactose free? 2011-09-08 16.37.52

a tiny frozen yogurt

2011-09-08 17.22.58

dinner: 3 ounces chicken and some oven baked vegetables

now what you don’t see: Costco shopping bites, stupid sampler people!

and I made hubby some scalloped potatoes and I had a bite… ok 2 but that’s it! they weren’t even good… he liked them… so he said??!! yuck Sad smile would not be my choice… we eat VERY different.

later blogger buds


  1. I used to be one of those sample people. I tell them "Nope, the calories leak out the sides when I cut it up." "Sample sizes, are not serving sizes, they don't count."
    I sooo loved that job. :P

  2. My skinny daughter makes a meal out of samples. I chew gum and say "No thank you. I have gum." Smile, smile. :)

  3. Samples are a killer! lol

  4. Samples - run away!
    And the scales - I found there is sometimes a lag -
    maybe a few days - up to a few weeks -
    before all the junk leaves our systems entirely!
    Keep on doing right!
    It all works out.

  5. You have officially made me hungry with those pics. For some reason, especially the oatmeal..huh. ; )

  6. The scale Gods blessed me weighing in this morning too! Yay for you!


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