Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So not into this right now :(


2011-09-14 05.02.25

I think it may be time for a shake me up

getting bored with my food (gee why on earth Karla? you eat the same friggin thing all the time!!)

I ate the same breakfast (it’s easy and takes no thought process, when you get up at 4:00AM you just need easy!)

I came home tonight with every intention of having a shake (why do I drink shakes? am I a body builder? ahh no!! why then???)

I had a slice of hubby garlic bread dipped in spaghetti sauce and let me tell you something ….


May just be a bad day in Karla Land, it happens… blah

I am missing food right this moment, ….. why is it Wednesday night’s are the hardest for me? is it some unconscious way for me to self sabotage myself knowing I report my weight to you on Thursdays?

Who the heck are YOU any who ha? Do you really care what I weigh? what I ate today?

gee’s I better go, I am being a weird doo tonight!!

good night (psst…I may need to see if it is a full moon or something?)

Later, popcorn, M&M's, bread, carrots.... Regret...
I am going to post my weight daily from now on

The green stuff is SF jello :)

I don't feel better, just full of regret and food :(

Tomorrow is a new day...

NO QUITTING ALLOWED .... Dang where was I a few hours ago???


  1. I know what you mean about the same thing all the time. I think we just like to "play it safe". We know what works, so why change it. Darn it! I forgot to stop at Trader Joes and pick up some egg white salad. Tomorrow :)

    Maybe you can just start with one different thing each week? Maybe that would help. LOL

  2. I've been wanting to ask you, what is the green stuff?

  3. I for one like to see what works for you! You give me new ideas :)
    You always look fit and trim to me!

  4. I find myself buying the same things at the grocery store each week. I see recipes that look good and save them but rarely get around to using them. I do have tofu marinating in the fridge right now and will bake it later (thanks for the recipe) but my husband does not eat tofu. :)

  5. I have nominated you for a blog award...You can check it out on my latest post


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