Thursday, September 15, 2011

Soo much better 140.2


2011-09-15 07.30.00woke up at 7AM and had a shake 2011-09-15 10.36.24back from the gym about 10:30 and had 4 egg whites and a quarter cup of oatmeal (dry measure)2011-09-15 12.16.3112:30 SF jello with a serving of cottage cheese and a quarter cup of shredded pineapple (in the jello… duh)

 2011-09-15 15.52.463:30 Fage yogurt (23 grams of protein) with cinnamon, splenda and vanilla2011-09-15 16.45.54I baked some vegetables for the next few days… mushrooms, red onions, red bell pepper and asparagus 2011-09-15 16.46.02Boiled some eggs, steamed some green beans

2011-09-15 16.46.112011-09-15 16.48.09this is the mister my sister bought me, I just mist the olive oil onto the vegetables when I bake them … easy peasy 2011-09-15 17.21.31I made a HUGE salad; cucumbers, red bell pepper, red onion, broccoli slaw, jicama, carrots, garbanzo beans (only one can and rinsed like crazy) and tomatoes

 2011-09-15 17.31.50dinner at 6:00 was 3 ounces of chicken, green beans with some Newman’s light balsamic vinaigrette

Its 7:00 and I am having a small bag of popcorn (the 100 calorie Jiffy pop size)

I drank all my water today, 3 liters a day. I have a rule. I can have a diet soda, AFTER I drink all my water. I don’t drink too many soda’s!! Tomorrow I will post my vitamins, the picture is taking forever to load into my email

I had a good day today Smile 

I am not going to post my weights on Thursdays any more …. sorry Sad smile I think it is setting me up to fail. I am going to post my weight when ever I weigh!

see ya tomorrow blogger buds 


  1. In never post my weight - it was messing with my head!
    I don't think my scales are right - then when I weigh at the gym
    I gain like 10 pounds in 5 minutes. Of course - not true weight!

    Glad you are sooo much better!

  2. You are all set food wise for the weekend :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Just found your blog through Sharon's. Canoga Park! I lived there for many years before moving to MN. Our twin boys were born at West Hills hospital. I will be following you. Looks like you have met with great weight loss success! Michele

  4. Your veggies look stupendous. I had lovely produce, myself, today. Exceptional honeydew. Perfect fresh organic spinach (so crispy!). Organic raspberries. A tiny Brazilian Papaya. Portobello mushrooms. Mmmmm.

    I love it when produce is nice!

    Keep with the solid yummye eating that's good for ya!


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