Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tomato face


last nights snack

2011-09-02 19.33.30

I got up this morning and downed a shake before boot-camp

2011-09-03 10.44.19

me after boot-camp

2011-09-03 08.00.43

ha ha ha ha tomato face!!! Laughing out loud

and my daughter (with my breakfast)

2011-09-03 08.30.21

I just cook the 4 egg whites into like an omelet and my quarter cup dry measure of oatmeal is in the brown coffee cup, throw in some fruit for a yummo meal Smile with tongue out

2011-09-03 10.43.002011-09-03 15.04.282011-09-03 17.04.242011-09-03 17.34.47 

and the rest of the days food: turkey roll up; I splurged and had some cheese… it didn’t taste that different so I won’t do it again, why add the calories if there is such a minimal change in the flavor?

frozen yogurt with some slivered almonds… what's my deal with the almonds?

dinner was 3 ounces of chicken with the oven roasted vegetables and some watermelon for desert

I have to admit I am typing this at 6:15 pm and I am thinking of going to bed and reading, the gym on Thursday followed up by boot-camp today….. my ole butt is draggin

see ya tomorrow blogger buds


  1. there's that darn frozen ice cream again. LOL it always looks so good. and i always love your wraps. yummy food makes for a great day.

    good luck the rest of the weekend :)

  2. I always get such a red face when I work out as well :)
    I'm with you on the almonds, got to admit I love them too!


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