Sunday, September 25, 2011

When ya need to grocery shop…


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you do the best you can!!!

  • 4 egg whites and a quarter cup dry measure of oatmeal, I splurged and threw in some PB2
  • Fage with Splenda and PB2 (the chocolate flavored one) this tastes like you are eating a bowl of peanut butter… Smile with tongue out
  • green beans (they were frozen) and chicken
  • broccoli (yep frozen also) and chicken
  • my Dr Suess SF lime jello
  • and a shake

I had to tweak things a little and end up with the shake because the chicken breast didn’t even weigh 6 ounces!! so I needed the protein. I shoot for 120-140 a day. Today was 22 WWer points and 137 protein. My tummy is full! I was so busy at work I chugged a bottle of water on my way home just to get it in (I try to get 3 liters of water every day) but I did it! I will probably be up 14 times tonight to go to the bathroom

oops sorry TMI

I have to hit the grocery store tomorrow night, I did pick up eggs and I looked at the turkey in the lunch meat section… food starch? HUH?? sugar? naaa I passed on it. I will bake another chicken breast in the morning … being a food snob is kind of a pain … ignorance was bliss… along with those size 18 jeans I used to wear… I would cut out the tags so my husband wouldn’t see he size … yeah like that worked… what a dope!

ok blogger buds, I am going to go chillax and read my book, hubbys is already snoring Laughing out loud he’s so silly…

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  1. 3 of my favorite foods! Brocolli, green beans and oats :)


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