Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why do you care?


2011-09-20 04.24.33

I get frustrated when people make fun of how I eat, Why do you care?

No! I don’t drink, … no not even a glass of wine, Why do you care?

I think it is (sadly) human nature to want to bring others down, criticize them, pick apart how and why they do things.

I don’t like to be around it.

If you are having a bad day… don’t take it out on me

I feel good inside my skin, and I am starting to feel good inside my head!! Physically and emotionally, my moods are more stable (cutting out the wheat?)

sometimes I want to be rude and say, “is that all you have? a black hole  of negativity?…. REALLY??” how sad… but I don’t….  I just walk away and try to find positive people to surround myself with… why are there so few out there?


can you tell what kind of people crossed my path today?

sorry blogger buddies, I can dump on you because you are like my adorable puppy Jack… you just listen Smile 


  1. 4 egg whites, quarter cup dry measure oatmeal
  2. SF jello (has cottage cheese and pineapple) Dr Suess food Smile with tongue out 
  3. Fage yogurt with fruit
  4. 3 oz chicken with roasted vegetables
  5. salad with cottage cheese
  6. shake
  7. snacked on at meeting; watermelon and 4 pieces of pineapple
  8. just ate a mini bag of popcorn (100 calories)

see ya tomorrow


  1. Hey, I don't drink either so sometimes people think I'm weird! To each his own... you are fabulous just the way you are Karla!! Don't listen to the critics, no one ever erected a statue to a critic!! :)


  2. I remember the CEO of Weight Watchers posting on his personal blog about people making comments about his food. I wonder why they care too.

  3. I very rarely drink - it just isn't something I enjoy all that much. People thought it was weird in college - but really, why would I want to be drunk? My life is already ridiculous sober. :)


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