Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Woman VS food


Woman lost Sad smile

2011-09-07 04.57.372011-09-07 04.59.062011-09-07 07.40.14

I was on track until I got off work. Major munchies attack. so I bought a box of Fiber One bars, took just one and gave the rest to my cashiers 2011-09-07 17.48.02

then I came home…. omg… there is NO WAY I am going near a scale until NEXT Thursday

2011-09-07 19.29.53

I need to add another small meal in for when I get home. So I may need to give up something??

crappy food day


better days ahead


  1. Ugh! I hate crappy food days. We should never weigh ourselves. LOL... Tomorrow a new day :)

  2. Atkins has Induction that you can go back to - when we go astray.
    And I go there all the time.
    Seems like I would learn. And keep my hand out of the cookie jar.

  3. I don't know why but the fibre one bars always make me crave more :(


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