Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yesterday, and this morning

Good morning ladies and germs Smile with tongue out 

138.2 was peeking at me this morning from yee ole scale…. not too bad as long as I keep it under 140!! then life is good in Karla’s world

yesterday my email was slow so my pictures didn’t upload until this morning, so yesterday’s eats were:

2011-09-28 04.55.272011-09-28 19.23.37

I had the usual for breakfast (4 egg whites and quarter cup dry measure of oatmeal)

work food: a super duper salad with cottage cheese

3 ounces chicken with broccoli and balsamic dressing (thinned out)


and the Gluten Free tortillas don’t roll, they just sort of crack when I roll them so I used them flat; 3 ounces turkey on the gluten free tortilla with spicy mustard and peppers

when I came home I had some more egg whites and a few bites of my daughters salad and a handful of peanuts

over all good day Smile 

now onto this morning… I am baking oven vegetables …. asparagus, mushrooms, red onions and red bell peppers misted with olive oil and some crushed red pepper and figured I would throw some chicken into the oven… well I have Lynn on my facebook in case you have been living under a rock in the weight loss blogging world and DON”T know Lynn here is her link and another and even yet another 

she is AMAZING!!! love her, I would love to be able to one day meet her… ah well …….any who ha 

on her Facebook she starts threads all the time and it gets me thinking about a topic, and I like to see others comments about that topic. Well the other day she started a thread about sugar and foods that contain sugar.. and do you even look at the sugar content in your foods?… well that got me to thinking ….. hummmm…..Thinking smileThinking smileThinking smileThinking smile 

so this morning when I grabbed my favorite chicken marinade ….

2011-09-29 06.21.372011-09-29 06.21.56

DANG!!! look at those ingredients… Sugar and WHEAT!!! what the heck!!!

:::: sigh :::::

so the chicken I am baking this morning has pepper and chili powder, I will let ya know how it goes…

later blogger buddies Smile with tongue out


  1. awesome weigh-in! :) I love to see your daily food pic updates.

  2. 138.2 is great! Thanks for the "no comment" on my blog and the smile. :)


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