Saturday, October 8, 2011


I did boot camp this morning, but first I had the usual breakfast

4 egg whites and quarter cup dry measure of oatmeal

then I went shopping Smile it’s my Birthday this next week so I took some mula and went shopping, it felt soo good to be able to try on clothes and feel good!!! really really good Smile with tongue out I ended up with some turtle necks for the winter, $22 each Lands End

H&M a long cowl neck knit purple sweater that I can wear with black leggings and some short black boots … I love H&M soo affordable Smile 

and a really cool pair of boots for only $45 Smile total score!!! it is just soo amazing to be able to walk into any store and try on things and know they will fit

any whoozle ….  da grub

2011-10-08 10.54.242011-10-08 14.36.062011-10-08 15.59.172011-10-08 18.09.59

not shown: breakfast, a shake and I munched on some cold oven baked mushrooms.. sounds weird huh? but they were almost nutty tasting

I had a wonderfully relaxing day

I am off tomorrow as well ….. so nighty night blogger buds

did you see that amazing number I saw this morning on the scale 136.2…. OMG!!!! Winking smile

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  1. Yes, amazing number. Looking good. The clothes sound great. :)


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