Saturday, October 1, 2011

busy busy busy day


2011-10-01 08.55.45first, before boot camp I had a shake,

then I met with my son and had this yummo egg white omelet… I didn’t eat all the oatmeal.. way too much!

2011-10-01 12.14.16turkey on a gluten free tortilla with mustard and peppers

2011-10-01 14.55.05a frozen yogurt with strawberries2011-10-01 16.03.20munched on some carrots2011-10-01 16.58.25super salad with 3 ounces of chicken

when I take the pictures and look at it, doesn’t seem like a bad day… oops I had some rice chips… not a lot maybe 8 or 10… they were Gluten free so I tried them, super good but too filling… picture tomorrow.. promise Smile with tongue out 

I felt like I ate like crap… maybe because breakfast was out, plus chips and the frozen yogurt …. ahhhh whatever

I was busy busy busy lady today!!! 3 grocery stores, cleaners, boot camp, and the mall.. but I work for the next 6 days straight so I have to be prepared!!! Smile 

off to online drool over shoes …. tee hee

later blogger buds


  1. I love the GF idea!
    And shoes - Karla - I drool over shoes, too!
    But now they are all running shoes!
    Have a great BootCamp!

  2. What's in the omelet?


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