Friday, October 28, 2011



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and this is just what I took pictures of!! I also had my usual breakfast also 2 slices of ham and a slice of turkey with spicy mustard

I could never stay home all the time!!! I would be as big as a house!! I did some chores, ate, ran an errand, ate, did another chore, ate that’s all I did today

munch, munch, gobble, scarf, eat, eat, eat!!!

AND I may have some Fage tonight…. can you say oink, oink!!?? or maybe Moo, Moo with all the vegetables I ate today… lol Smile with tongue out 

I don’t think I did too bad calories and protein wise, just ate a lot of food!!! wowsa!! well it could have been worse, I scarfed out on vegetables and I didn’t touch the crappola… so it was an all and all good … not too bad food day

see how I can talk myself into a good day??? LOL

later taters


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