Saturday, October 22, 2011

Freak out

So I need to talk, really talk....
Heart felt, lay on the couch and spill my guts talk

Yesterday I got on the scale and saw a number I haven't seen since I was about 18 years old

I reached a goal!! But then what did I do? Well here's a hint, the scale said 138 this morning!!!

When I packed my food yesterday, I knew it looked skimpy, but I thought I would be okay, I am changing the menu up some... Adding the "Too good to be true stew" which is delicious, but has a lot of points ... Today I will buy some regular iceberg lettuce and tomatoes and make the stew into a warm taco salad... I like a lot of food!!!

So anyway some days at work are so busy skimpy food is ok, yesterday was not one of those days!!

About 4:00 I started......... pretzels, chex mix, candy, graham cracker and when I got home more candy

I feel AWFUL this morning, like really bad!!!

Wheat and sugar overload!!!

But why? What was the reason for my melt down?

skimpy food ... I need to take enough food

variety may make for interesting reading, but truthfully I need to remember I do this for me, not my daughter who wants more variety, not you folks so I won't be such a bore, i can make the stuff so there is variety, but it has to work for me

Maybe some overconfidence? Feeling a little cocky there girl? Mama bad ass? .... Ah not!!!

Fear? Now what?

I don't know exactly but I want to make friends with that 135 number so I can see it again, and I know what works, so I need to just do it!!!

Food pictures, not too much variety, and maybe relax a little. Reaching the goal is not the end. It is just the beginning of a new journey

Later blogger friends


  1. Well, you could call it a "celebration" and today you're back to the old tried and true. Isn't it amazing how bad the snacky stuff can make us feel now? I suppose we always felt that way when we were overweight but we forget.

    Sometimes the scale just seems possessed and I can't believe the number I'm seeing but as we've learned, if we just keep plodding along, it all works out. Have a GREAT day! :)

  2. I am learning that it never changes back... it just gets "more of the same." Like if a person became a professional opera singer, they wouldn't say -"Good! I made it... now I can lay off the practicing!"
    Nope - If anything, it means more practicing.... and for the goal weight - more of the same! The same vehicle - maybe a little different speed.

  3. It is definitely a different journey, maintenance!
    But what a great journey it can be :)


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