Saturday, October 15, 2011

Karla’s expert advise… OMG what a dork I am!!


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it was an okay point day, but a bad eating day… make sense? too much junk… fro yo… tortilla chips… not enough good clean food

me this morning ready for boot camp with my chicken legs Smile with tongue out 

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and here are my little tips: … oh I am so full of crappola… but this is what I am passionate about so here goes:

My email to Jovita … go visit her she is awesome Open-mouthed smile 

Hey girl :)
Are ya struggling? I know working in the market doesn't help!!!! I started on 100% old weight watcher points and not a lot of exercise, just 20 minutes walking every morning.

My kids gave me a hard time... Too slow Mom, .... You aren't even sweating Mom!!!! I didn't listen, I just did my 20 minutes EVERY DAY, that first year I was religious!!!

Tracking... Now this was harder to find what worked... I tried those Weight Watcher weekly trackers- I didn't like them.... I went in and bought the bigger tracker (3 months???) - I didn't like that either ..... I got one at the book store .... Didn't like it.... I finally found just a little blank journal, they sell them at the local Barnes and Nobel, on a rack up by the check stands... It's called a Moleskin, now I can make my own tracker just the way I want it :)
But this was a big part of it, I had to find a way to track, that I enjoyed (can you tell what a control freak I am... Ha ha)

Treats, gotta have them!!!! That first year I had a frozen yogurt almost every day, I had to find something that was a treat that fit into my ww points, all those yummy treats you get at the grocery store, ..... Skinny cow's or weight watcher frozen treats, or the weight watchers candy.... i couldn't control myself, I would mean to eat JUST one, but I would eat freaking the entire box!!! That's why I stopped buying the vitatops (older blog entries) no control, but going to the frozen yogurt shop worked because it wasn't in the house to tempt me

My husband.... Love the man :) .... We have been married 25 years!!!! But get ready..... You losing weight is threatening to your husband, he went on and on and on..... For MONTHS!!!! do you have a boyfriend? Here just eat this with me babe..... Basically gave me a hard time for about 6 months, until he came to realize, I lost the weight to feel better about myself, now he is proud of my success and brags about me.... But OMG not at first.... He was in love with and married a BIG gal, it was hard, but I haven't changed on the inside, it just scared him.... So that may or may not happen, just be ready.... Time shows them

Variety in my food, ..... I don't change it around a whole lot, if you go back to that first year, I ate a lot differently but basically them same food daily... I figured if it worked (even gouge my eyes out slow.... But it WAS working) why change it tooo much? So I would haunt the blogs and find those that actually lost weight, there are those that blog and blog and blog and blog but don't lose... Those folks I also still read and they remind me that having good intentions does not equal having good results... Anyway I found a food that another liked and worked in their weight loss and would google it, research it, then go looking for it... Also became like a game if I could find these foods

My best girl friend says that eating right and exercising is now like my hobby, I spend time doing it not just because of the weight loss factor, but I have gotten so I enjoy the process

I have to run off to boot camp, I have a million other things to tell you!!! This is truly something I am passionate about!!!!
Hope this helps sweetie

later blogger pals

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