Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last day of vacation


I had my usual breakfast, but I found this apple butter spread and tried it in my oatmeal, it was nice as a change

2011-10-30 06.24.282011-10-30 06.24.452011-10-30 06.25.05I also bought SF Blackberry jam to add to my Fage, yummo Smile 2011-10-30 09.04.362011-10-30 09.04.462011-10-30 09.38.41hey… there’s Mr. Jack Open-mouthed smile

2011-10-30 11.56.42ham on a gluten free tortilla 2011-10-30 12.13.08veggies with some Parmesan (and margarine)….. hanging head in shame "2011-10-30 14.15.24popcorn!!! 2011-10-30 14.59.33I found this recipe for “cheese cake” it was good but not sweet at all… next time I will add some sweetner, but it’s a keeper


thank you Heather (who ever you are!!!) from Facebook

Heather Harper

I make this almost every week for my man and I to take to work for snacks...I also make it for any potluck we go to as a dessert! If you make the black bean brownie in a larger pan so it is a thinner crust this is a great cheesecakey topping! I also have passed this off as a super yummy treat to my non clean eating coworkers by taking on a black bean brownie base with fresh blueberries all over the top!!!
1 500 g container non fat cottage cheese
1 cup(or less!) unsweetened almond milk or skim milk
1/2 cup dry curd cottage cheese(optional)
1 package sugar free/fat free jello pudding-highly recommend cheesecake flavor!
Use blender-NOT food processor, NOT handheld beaters! BLENDER!
Put cottage cheese through blender till smooth, add almond /skim milk as needed to get blender moving-the higher powered your blender, the less liquid you need. Cottage cheese will get as smooth as cream cheese. Be patient, it will lose all lumps! Add jello flavor and process until smooth, scrape into bowl or individual containers.
**if you want a higher protein snack/treat-dry curd cottage cheese is SO high in protein so add more almond milk to get the dry curd to blend smooth. ***
If I use a chocolate jello powder I add some espresso powder and more dark cocoa. If we use a vanilla flavor, I add the filling from a scraped vanilla pod or some vanilla extract. Make this your own-you can use higher fat cottage cheese of you like and regular milk.....but it can be very low fat, low carb and high protein! I swear, no one will know it is not a cheesecake if you don't tell them!

2011-10-30 17.05.05

and my salad

I cooked like a maniac today

  • salad
  • baked vegetables
  • brussell sprouts
  • tuna
  • cheesecakes
  • hard boiled eggs
  • green beans

I like to do it Open-mouthed smile it’s time for me and my DD to spend time together, and it makes my life so much easier

back to work tomorrow….

see ya later blogger buds

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  1. I do like to cook one day or two, and store the food...
    And not have to work so hard the rest of the week.
    All that cleaning and everything... frees up alot of time.


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