Thursday, October 27, 2011

thin face day

so I had the usual breakfast

2011-10-27 06.52.22

I got ready and off to the gym, thin face day Smile with tongue out 

2011-10-27 09.03.22

food :

2011-10-27 11.03.302011-10-27 15.17.472011-10-27 16.25.322011-10-27 17.14.37

that’s Fage with SF strawberry jam … so good

I was craving frozen yogurt so:

2011-10-27 14.58.02

but after a bite or two, it just tasted icy, bland and faintly metallic


2011-10-27 15.01.25

opps…. litter bug Karla

I pulled out an old favorite2011-10-27 18.38.25

tonight is the finale of Project Runway!!! Viktor? Josh? Anya? Kimberly?

I hope Anya wins… Smile 

see ya tomorrow blogger pals


  1. I missed it, but I caught project accessory, did you like that show?

  2. we love love the cocoa 100 cal packs. seen those?

  3. I know - I can't eat my fave fro yo much anymore either!
    Pity, too. I loved it so!


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