Tuesday, October 25, 2011

vacation: Monday’s eats


2011-10-24 07.55.29egg white omelet with onion, jalapeno’s and half the normal amount of soy chorizo with oatmeal2011-10-24 10.41.51Fage Greek yogurt, Splenda and mixed berries

2011-10-24 13.33.47super salad with 4 egg whites 2011-10-24 15.15.22100 Calorie popcorn 2011-10-24 18.03.543 ounces chicken, baked vegetables and thinned out balsamic light vinaigrette 2011-10-24 18.58.22Greek yogurt, Splenda, vanilla and cinnamon

I worked out last tonight Open-mouthed smile 

I cheated and left a few minutes early, I did stair master 20 minutes then trained for half an hour then tried to do the stair master again for another 20 minutes… I was DEAD!!! I only made it another 5 minutes  Winking smile

today I am dog sitting Confused smile my son’s psycho hyper Corgi …. laundry, cardio, dusting and maybe rent a movie on the DVR …. ahhh what are vacations for but to do heavenly nothing

I weighed 135.8 this morning HURRAH!!!!

later taters Smile


  1. Look at you... go go go!
    Have a great vacation!
    I do lots of nuttin a couple times a year myself!
    Maybe get some long walks in. YAYAYAYAY!


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