Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just sayin

I can’t buy almonds any more… no control .. and …

2011-11-18 04.49.312011-11-20 05.30.582011-11-20 10.19.472011-11-20 13.02.022011-11-20 16.25.18

  • baked oatmeal, egg whites
  • carrot bar (2)
  • salad
  • Faux cheesecake … no picture
  • Fage .. no picture
  • almonds, more than I took a picture of Embarrassed smile
  • WW diet pills…. err some M&M’s Sad smile 

the soup is fantastic!!! we just dumped a bunch of veggies in, vegetable broth some garlic and basil a few cans of dice tomatoes, the butternut squash makes it thick Open-mouthed smile it’s a keeper. I added chicken for protein

I have been into the candy too much lately… I think I will have a Karla No Candy December challenge for myself. I saw a November no candy challenge in blog land so I thought I would steal the idea… The prize? hummm that may take some thinking!!!

I weighed in at 135.4 this morning so that was nice Smile 

oh… another reason to give up the almonds… they make me gassy…. just sayin Disappointed smile

later guys


  1. Oh I'd definitely join in No Candy December!!

  2. I laugh that almonds are the one thing I still only get in the 100 cal pack.

    no sense of moderation there :)

  3. Nuts are a total trigger food for me and I can't keep them in the house. Good for you for recognizing your limits :)


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