Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just another day in the neighborhood :)

I cooked until after 10pm last night!! wowsa!! so I didn’t do cardio this morning, I slept the extra hour. I was making my lunch and there was only a bit of tuna left over so breakfast was weird… a bit of left over tuna, 2 egg whites and a baked oatmeal

work food: 2011-11-16 05.10.392011-11-16 05.14.052011-11-16 05.14.312011-11-16 05.14.402011-11-16 05.14.54

a salad, when I was making it I got a bit carried away…. tooo big!! so I split it up and threw some tuna on for another meal , tuna salad

spaghetti squash, with a quarter cup of the light Prego, 3 ounces of chicken and a light Baby Bell cheese

I made Faux cheesecakes again but this time with chocolate pudding.. yep it’s a keeper!!

Carrot cake protein bar

2011-11-16 05.15.04 

Jack was looking for a hand out, yep he got a bite Smile 

I just had a popcorn and maybe I will have some Fage later… see how I feel???

I am grumpy and cranky tonight… I don’t want to spread it like cooties

so good night yall Smile

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  1. I admire your planning and you gave me some good ideas for getting back on track with bringing my lunch to work again.


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