Monday, November 14, 2011

Confession time!!

the last few nights I have had Fage yogurt with SF jam … tastes like ice cream Winking smile

2011-11-13 19.30.36

well today was a bit of a change

2011-11-14 04.16.132011-11-14 05.02.01

breakfast was the carrot cake protein bars, coffee and egg whites … OMG no oatmeal for breakfast!!!

2011-11-14 04.36.36

I had “spaghetti” today!! Spaghetti squash with 3 ounces of chicken, quarter cup of the Light Smart Prego, a wedge of Laughing cow and let me tell ya something …. DELISHIOUS!!!

2011-11-14 04.36.49

salad with 2 egg whites an some ham2011-11-14 04.36.58

3 ounces of turkey on a Gluten free tortilla 2011-11-14 04.43.46

Fage with cinnamon, vanilla and Splenda

then I came home….. 100 calorie popcorn and more Carrot cake protein bars… they are all gone, not sure I will make them again so soon, I will be saving them as a treat … too yummy to resist!!!

Tomorrow is food shopping and food prep day. I think I may need to go get some new work pants … they are looking a bit tattered!!

later blogger dudes Open-mouthed smile

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