Friday, November 4, 2011

ouch, tired and busy

It’s been a hello busy busy week!!! both at work and at home, must be because I was such a slug bug last week! I am making up for that!


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I sorta, kinda… not really tracked my food yesterday Confused smile.. I was so stinkin busy! Gym, eyebrows, mall, hair appointment, cooking, cleaners, family over for dinner… makes me pooped just thinking about it… I woke up not feeling rested (or can’t ya tell!!!) I work today and then I am off tomorrow.. I think I will just work out in the morning and chillax the rest of the day!!

ouch, a filling in one of my teeth fell out (When???) and I have been ignoring it, well… it won’t be ignored any more… yuck I HATE the dentist… ugh… I guess the dentist’s torture chair is in my near future Annoyed

see ya tonight blogger buds


  1. Yikes, good luck at the dentist. Remember...don't bite 'em. ha ha ha.

    PS: Your food scale is fancy. Me likey.

  2. ah, yes... the joys of turning a wee little bit older.
    I broke a tooth too. Better see the doc.
    "have fun!"


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