Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random wee early morning thoughts

4 hours sleep.... Really!!??
Its going to be a hard day at work
Random thoughts.....
M&M freak out.... Hormonal related??? Maybe I need to keep a more detailed journal!??
Can't sleep.... Hormonal or Sugar coma related???

I wish I would win the lottery....


Guess a working life is in store for me, ahhhh but the purses and shoes I would buy

Maybe in another life

Should I weigh myself and face the M&M music?
Should I walk in bad shoes?
What's a good cream for my face and neck? ...... In your 50's you think about this stuff!!!
Should I cut my hair? Color it darker?

Do most women wear Spanx?
Should you? I always feel like I am going to puke
I wear Spanx (or something along that line) because with my bra I get a fat roll


What do you do? Not look in the mirror? Buy bigger tops?

Ahhh crapola...

Coffee is smelling good... How is that possible? My tummy is not liking me this morning

Should I skip eating all together this morning? I know I won't, but my old 200 pound brain thinks these things sometimes

Can I please have a "do over" God? Maybe these last 10 hours?
Bummer .... Ok .....
A lesson to be learned you say?


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  1. I can tell if I am "in the zone..."
    simply by the side titties and back titties and top titties.
    TMI - sorry!
    But no - I don't have spanks.


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