Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa Monica Gobble Wobble day!!!

I work up this morning, nervous, scared anxious… my first 5K!!! YIKES!!I don't know smile… can I do it?

I made a smiley face with the Pico Pica sauce… ah what a dork!!Laughing out loud

2011-11-26 05.29.54

Jack is not going to participate in the 5K … he’s all snug as a bug in a rug

2011-11-26 05.44.29

off to Santa Monica and I DID IT!!!!! yeah baby 33 minutes!!!!

2011-11-26 08.59.48

or at least that was the time on the big clock thingy… I have to wait for my “official” time… I keep checking their web site, no luck as of yet

I had a Power bar on the way home (no picture)

2011-11-26 10.50.442011-11-26 13.22.502011-11-26 13.49.462011-11-26 16.31.13

I went grocery shopping, today I just made vegetable soup and steamed green beans …. but OMG!!! I paid $16.54 for 2 spaghetti squash’s…. huh??!! crazy!! a bag of chips is like $2 … I would rather have the squash!!

so I didn’t weigh myself this morning BUT this will be my 135 picture!! My first 5K!! (I think I am like 136 … I peeked at the scale yesterday)

after the 5K we went straight to the gym and worked out!! now I am exhausted! I must be living under a rock because this afternoon I watched the first Harry Potter movie!! I am hooked!! I can’t wait to read the books!

again… nerd alert…

I had an amazing day Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile 

see ya tomorrow blogger buds


  1. Oooh, don't read the books first, because the movies won't stack up because they aren't nearly as detailed, though the movies really are so fabulous. Seriously they are some of the best book to movie transitions that I have ever seen! I recommend seeing the movies first!!!

  2. OOOOOH wait I forgot to say super congrats on your 5K!!!!! I just got in such a nerd frenzy that I forgot the rest!

  3. Fantastic!! You did it :) Congratulations

  4. Wow on the 5K and double wow on the pricey squash. All the winter squash is on sale at Sprouts right now for 49 cents a pound. I've been buying one spaghetti and one acorn weekly and the total cost has been around $4. Maybe they made a mistake on your bill?????

  5. AWESOME - a 5 K!
    Congrats from me and Jack on the couch!


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