Friday, November 18, 2011

Poopy Do

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  • the soup was good, but not the celery… too stringy
  • the salad was VERY hard to eat, root canal yesterday… danged dentist Sad smile 
  • spaghetti squash & chicken easier to eat

so far on plan … then phone call…. emotional eating starts

2011-11-18 16.21.14

and here I sit typing …..eating M&M’s ….I know I cannot control other people’s choices.. I so wish I could, but letting go and seeing people you love make really really bad choices is hard … being a parent is hard. Danged kids didn’t come with a handbook!!

Where the dentist did the root canal feels like I got kicked in the head. Life is not a bed of roses tonight

good night

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  1. Hmmmm..... a little old lady I once took care of had me peel the celery for her.... THEN cook it. made it much better... less stringy to eat!

    Hope you get better soon! Hugs to your root canal!


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