Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dentist day

started out as usual; baked oatmeal and egg whites

2011-11-17 05.57.08

then off to the gym Smile 

2011-11-17 07.36.23

eats for the day

 2011-11-17 09.56.392011-11-17 10.29.402011-11-17 12.58.022011-11-17 13.33.08

after spending 2 and a freaking half hours in the dentist chair, I had a treat

2011-11-17 17.49.30

and I am having a shake right now…

I work the next 8 days straight!! Thanksgiving time in the grocery business…. rock and roll!!! Hubby is on vacation so that’s nice for him Winking smile

I weighted 135.8 this morning, Yippee!!!!

see ya tomorrow blogger pals

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