Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day off

usual breakfast

2011-11-15 05.49.10

then off to the gym… I always take tons of pictures then delete, delete, delete them … not this time Smile with tongue out 

2011-11-15 07.29.532011-11-15 07.30.182011-11-15 07.30.362011-11-15 10.10.24

after the gym my spaghetti squash with chicken, light sauce and light Baby Bell cheese… OMG soooo good!

2011-11-15 10.53.332011-11-15 12.43.002011-11-15 13.21.10

treat today… frozen yogurt. Eggnog flavor… I am not sure if I like Egg Nog, how weird is that? I try it and think “oh, I like this” but by the end… errr not so much

then I did a bunch of running around… oh oh oh… I got new pants for work, my bookkeeper commented the other day that my pants were looking too big… my new size!!!

2011-11-15 19.05.43

permanent! not a fluke fitting, not a size 4 I just got into… this is my size now… boo ya baby!! Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile 

I did the usual grocery shopping… and these found their way into the grocery cart… I ended up putting them out on the ledge in the back yard for the Blue Jay’s and the squirrels!!!

2011-11-15 15.02.03

I really did a bad job of keeping track of my food today, so being too lazy I just finished up the veggies and put a few slices of the pork roast in with it and called it a day

off to cook up a storm tonight with my daughter Smile 

it’s our Mother, daughter time Smile 

later blogger pals


  1. love the pregym pics.

    no deleting :)

    Im off to workout.
    no pics ;)

  2. You look so good! Glad you didn't delete the pics. :)


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