Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ya gotta be prepared!!

work day for me, breakfast as usual

2011-11-13 05.19.27

then out comes the prepared food

2011-11-13 04.49.14


2011-11-13 04.51.21

baked vegetables

2011-11-13 05.00.04

brussel sprouts

2011-11-13 05.00.25

and chicken

2011-11-13 05.02.16

I am sitting here munching on a 100 calorie popcorn and a diet root beer

phew I am pooped!! You people love to grocery shop on Sundays that’s for sure!!!

see ya tomorrow folks Smile


  1. You are so smart to get it all ready before hand. Makes it so much easier to make healthy choices!

  2. Much easier to stick to it!
    Then I know I'm not "hungry" just wanting something!

  3. Ralph said the grocery stores here were crazy busy this weekend!! Then again it was nuts where I work as well.
    Great plan to cook and prepare ahead of time!!


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