Friday, November 11, 2011


weird food day, but oh soo yummo! scale was 136 this morning Smile 

2011-11-10 06.05.22

egg whites with the delicious baked pumpkin/cream cheese oatmeal

I went to the gym and had a great workout!! and had some egg white salad and we started cooking!

2011-11-10 09.45.46

we made; hard boiled eggs, salad, baked oven vegetables, brussel sprouts, green beans and  faux cheesecakes.

then some Fage yogurt with some PB2 chocolate 

2011-11-10 12.08.58 

next on the agenda was the dreaded dentist (insert scary music here)2011-11-10 15.22.472011-11-10 16.06.46

there was a frozen yogurt place right by the dentist so I grabbed one!!

I had to go into Sprouts for oat flour, I love this store Open-mouthed smile I wish it was closer to my house Sad smile  Mizfit commented recently about cocoa almonds, and I have seen them but I have been afraid to buy them because I haven’t found them in the individual packets and if they were too yummy I would be tempted to eat the entire bag!!! so ……phew …. did you REALLY need to know all that sillyness? Laughing out loud I do get side tracked sometimes….. well at Sprouts you can buy them by the pound…. OH MY GAWD!!! I am going to go online and see if I can buy them in the 100 calorie packs… sooooooo good !!!

I came home and made carrot cake protein bars (OMG!!!!! kick the dog delicious!!!) …. I know, I know I should have had a salad or something, but I HAD to at least try them

2011-11-10 17.54.242011-11-10 17.55.06

I did change it a tiny bit, I used 6 ounces of real carrots and 2 ounces of the baby food carrots, I put them in my mini food processor and pulsed the crappola out of them, but the idea of all baby food carrots….. too weird

Confused smile

soo I had a good food day, I am having fun discovering new recipe’s. Next food prep day I want to find an asparagus soup recipe and make something with curry… can you believe I have NEVER had anything with curry!! Time for me to expand my horizons!

see ya tonight, have a great day Smile


  1. OK, now I want that carrot cake protein bar now but I don't have all the ingredients in the house! YUM!!! I might eat the whole pan though! ;-)

  2. You are on a roll girl! Love the pics. Anything pumpkin sound delightful to me! :)


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