Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Not good
Oh so not good
Largest number I have seen in MONTHS!!!!
Too many bites
Not enough true tracking
The Beer Nuts snack mix never seemed to make it onto my tracker!
Do I somehow think if I don't write it the scale won't find out?
Silly girl
Diet is 80% exercise is 20%
or something like that...
Sometimes I get those percents confused
Like my sweating time gives me permission
To eat
Silly girl
I have been MAJOR stressing out over a conversation I need to have
Get over it girl
The only person that thinks I am Super Woman is me!!!
Silly girl
I think I am going to make a 2012 list
Not resolutions
A "too do list"
Personal, fitness and financial
I do well with lists
I am going to be hitting the diet hard for these next few days
I want to start 2012 off in my comfort zone
When I stress, it affects my sleep
I don't.....
4 hours last night
Okay ....
Here I go, off to sweat off that Beer Nut snack mix
At 3:45 in the morning
Yeah, I am nuts!!!

Later guys :)


  1. I do this too. Then I remember the "magic" that saves me:
    A + B = C...
    EVERY time. There is just no "getting by" or winning at cheating for me.... as a fattie. I want to be a "former fattie,".... not a "future fattie...."
    So yep... the bites... they gots to go!

  2. It's always this time of year we are really hard on ourselves. I totally get the stress thing I do the same thing. Manage to get through the next few days and you've got it made.


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