Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back at it :)

I feel so much better when my eating is on track Smile 

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I did have some popcorn when I got home but other than that I was spot on

  • egg whites, oatmeal
  • carrot cake protein bars
  • Fage with coconut extract …. major YUCK!! Confused smile
  • salad with egg whites
  • protein pudding
  • vegetable soup with 3 ounces of turkey

I was looking on Calorie count and turkey is going to become my protein of choice over chicken, it is leaner and has less calories and as long as I can buy an entire turkey breast …. humm maybe I will buy 4 or 5 this payday and freeze them??!!

I looked back at my post on 1/1/2011 and I have not put more miles on my treadmill, BUT I joined the gym and I have been working out twice a week so I am fitter than I was 12 months ago, so it’s a wash Open-mouthed smile 

random thoughts pinging away inside yee ole cranium this morning

later blogger buds


  1. Hmmm... must be something good.....
    stirring up some New Years Goals, perchance?

  2. It's true when we are eating better we feel better!!
    I'm definitely starting to feel better and people are even coming up and telling me how good I'm looking :)
    Turkey eh? Might just have to find some of that!


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