Wednesday, December 7, 2011

different stuff

It's uber early 3:30 AM to be exact, yesterday was a baking and Christmas shopping day. Too many BLT’s!!! (bites, licks and tastes) we made 200 cake balls!!

2011-12-06 20.21.09

That was the first phase of the cake ball bake fest..  I have another batch to do! … later in the month

Only 5 cake balls will be in the house, so I should be safe, plus they are SO rich… tummy ache time! don’t get me wrong! they are delicious, just rich Smile  we made spice, lemon, red velvet and vanilla cake balls, They make nice gifts… we did 40 small gift bags with 3 cake balls in each, two platters and my hubbys mini plate all of only about $50  Open-mouthed smile That’s a bargain for that many gift’s!!

Now a bit of shoe love:

2011-12-06 15.25.12 

OMG!!! aren’t they totally unnecessary and gorgeous!!! I had to have them!!! I have become a shoe freak! Just kidding

Scale said 137.4 this morning Sad smile 

I have to get back on track and no more BLT’s …. This time of year is a definite challenge!!

see ya tonight Open-mouthed smile


  1. Yummm cake balls! I've never made them myself, but they sure are delicious!

  2. I made bourbon balls which are almost gone, thank goodness. My daughter has shared them with a few friends and has eaten quite a few herself. I'm staying far away from them. Except for our Christmas cranberry pie, I'm doing no baking this year. That's the safest way for me to not eat those treats.

  3. Cake balls... YUM! Those would be dangerous around me! Better keep all that in check. You are doing so fabulous, though. and nice shoes. My daughter is totally into shoes. I never have been but it's fun to see her go crazy over a new style or look. :)

    Take care

  4. Oh lord I love me some cake MIL makes them and I think I gained 10 pounds in 3 days last time I visited good!!! I seriously ate like 15-20 each day. Damn! Just curious how you made the red velvet ones? With cream cheese instead of frosting inside? Did you also coat them with bark? I make some killer oreo balls... Ok enough BLT's even if they are only in my head, my week was bad enough! ;-)

  5. I haven't had a cake ball which is probably a good thing!
    Love those shoes :)


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