Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My emotions are all mixed up for some reason today… I started crying when I watched this You tube


what a dork Crying face

today I didn’t mean for it to be a cooking day but it just turned out that way

here is some of my food

2011-12-20 06.19.442011-12-20 06.52.212011-12-20 12.14.442011-12-20 14.25.03

I cut up little 3 ounce portions of chicken to make it easier in the mornings… the one picture is chicken and spaghetti squash

I made macadamia, white chocolate chip oatmeal and carrot cake bars and cranberry almond protein bars and chocolate protein bars and pumpkin protein bars the pumpkin protein bars remind me of my Mom’s cry baby cookies Open-mouthed smile 

so how do you think I ate today? baking like a mad woman? yep… not stellar…. not horribly bad, just not stellar

but I did get a kick butt work out in this morning

gee’s I hope all these links work!!! Confused smile

salad for dinner…. later taters    


  1. That was a cool vid. I dried listening to Les Miz the other day.
    We're all a bunch or Christmas Cry Babies!
    We could go caroling!
    After we don out gay apparel, that is!

  2. ^^^OUR ^^^^ not "out"
    But that works too!

  3. Like the video. It's okay to cry. I've been cooking today, too, but never thought to take pics. Now that would be something to cry about!Thanks for the idea.

  4. Jeez, when I have a sad baking day I make 2 dozen cupcakes, then eat half of them...you bake protein bars and spaghetti squash...I guess that is the difference between 175 and 135 pounds! ;-) Everyone gets a day for whatever they want and you needn't be responsible to anyone but yourself-just remember the visine and prepH for your eyes in the morning! Hope tomorrow is more festive for you!

  5. I'm joining you on the moist eye thingy :)


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