Friday, December 16, 2011

Is there no hope?

Am I going to gain all my weight back? If i keep eating candy, I will

Why? All of a sudden? What has changed?

Sorry hubby, M&M's cannot be in the house! i have NO control

I did good until about an hour ago, then almonds..... Then M&M's

And I am sitting in the dark, hiding ......

This madness has to stop

Today M&M's tomorrow it could be a drive through

i feel hopeless, ashamed, and frightened..... All over stupid candy, how is it I let food control me like this?

I just threw it all in the garbage can.....

I see bloggers that gain back massive amounts of weight after being so successful, I dont want that to be me


  1. Maybe working somewhere different is more stress? I totally believe there is hope. We won't give up! I have a small bag of M&M's that goes in my son-in-law's Christmas stocking. I need to cover it up so it doesn't keep staring at me. :(

  2. Stay strong! Christmas will be over soon

  3. I share these similar fears. But I try to take it one day at a time. You can do it :)


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