Thursday, December 1, 2011

it’s official I am crazy!

So something has been bothering me …. it can be found filed under “none of my danged business”

I started blogging 1/1/10 after reading others blog about weight loss, several of these bloggers I still follow, some I don’t

My focus is kind of changing from “weight loss” blogs to fitness blogs, reading about other people’s fitness goals and what they are achieving motivates me to push myself harder. I understand that diet and eating right is 90% of the challenge, get your food right, drink your water, exercise, rest and bingo you got it….. am I a guru now Smile with tongue out 

so ANYWAY’s ….this person commented on a blog that they couldn’t be bothered to do something….


I see a slippery slope ahead …. at least it would be for me. I can see it, ….

“I don’t want to food shop for healthy food” and a few weeks later I would be a regular at the drive thru fast food, getting my Mickey D’s breakfast and my Jack snack, or my Taco smell lunch…. right back to 200 pounds and size 18 pants!

I wanted to crawl through the computer lines and shake her, because she has accomplished sooooo much and I love her (I don’t freakin even really know her, but you feel a connection with bloggers you have followed for years!)

oh well

we all have our own path and maybe this is hers…

I think I have turned into one of those crazy people that stand in grocery store parking lot’s and wait for you innocent unsuspecting people to get out of your car so I can tell you about my beliefs…..

I am the crazy zealot that has all the answers, you know the one? the one you avoid, the one you roll your eyes at… the one that just smiles when you make a mean a@# comment’s like… “oh are you eating AGAIN??” or “what are you now like a size zero” ….. insert snidey looking expression and eye roll here

yep that’s me crazy veggie loving…. protein counting…. old WW points tracker….. cooking fool….. nerd … (I went by myself today and saw the new Twilight movie….. OMG!!!!…… love love love!!!)

see it’s official …. nerd!!!

and guess what? I love me just the way I am Smile 

enough chatter food for the day: 2011-12-01 10.17.262011-12-01 11.55.242011-12-01 15.31.002011-12-01 17.48.03

  • 4 egg whites and oatmeal (not pictured)
  • egg white omelet and I only had 4 bites of the oatmeal
  • 2 carrot cake protein bars
  • carrots and cucumbers (for the movie)
  • veggie soup
  • baked  spaghetti squash

I made baked spaghetti squash for the first time

2011-12-01 18.01.40

I got the recipe over at Neeps and Taters … ~~~~amazing~~~~

I have cream cheese, PB2, baked oatmeal in the oven … details tomorrow

off to read the new Janet Evanovich’s new book also ~~~~amazing~~~~

just call me chatty Cathy tonight!!

later blogger buds


  1. Yep - it's hard to watch people we have grown to care about .... when they start down that slippery all takes time and lots of patience and luv!
    Squash looks great!

  2. I'm like you....I must stay on it. It's easier now that it's a habit. 18 months makes for a habit...but it could STOP being a habit like anything that takes effort. If it takes effort, diet, exercise, flossing, hair grooming---and we stop, things can get nasty pretty darn soon. :D And for food-addicts/once obese, etc, getting out of fitness/food habits is really dangerous.

    I still have to think and plan and strategize, but at least 75% is automatic now. I just have to push for the extra percentages.

    On we go...

  3. Oh your food looks fantastic today :) It is very hard sometimes to watch other bloggers and worry about them. The one thing I love about blogging is the great support we get and give each other.

  4. Yummy food choices! :)

    How's that book coming along?

  5. Maybe that is the hardest thing...getting smarter and waiting for others you love to catch diet speak of course. Maybe life is just a series of days when we are supposed to grow to resist the urge to keep our mouths closed...or is that being a parent? Anyway, you do you, and you go girl!


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