Friday, December 9, 2011

My kitchen at 4:30AM

2011-12-09 04.42.392011-12-09 04.58.43

this is pretty normal, I pull out all the prepared foods and start figuring Smile 

I am running low so Sunday will be a major cook day, My sweet daughter is going to help Smile 

  1. pumpkin protein bars and hard boiled eggs (whites only) for breakfast
  2. Fage with cinnamon, Splenda and vanilla
  3. PB2 protein, cheesecake pudding
  4. vegetable soup with some turkey
  5. spaghetti squash with turkey
  6. a container of veggies just to munch on
  7. and I just had some popcorn

it is official… I make theeeeee best vegetable soup, okay now I am a threat to Paula Dean Smile with tongue out  when I make it Sunday I will give you all a detailed recipe (conceited much Karla…. lol)

see ya mañana mis amigos Smile


  1. Hope your weekend is great, Karla!

  2. Hope your going to post the recipe :)
    Isn't it great to get help!
    Hope your not too crazy at work this week


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