Friday, December 2, 2011

Paula Dean is safe

2011-12-02 05.19.27

PB2 baked oatmeal, yep… Paula Dean is safe, I will not be taking her job anytime soon Smile with tongue out so I throw it away? or just drown it in cinnamon and Splenda?

the I took this to work:

2011-12-02 05.01.42

  • salad
  • baked veggies and turkey
  • baked squash and chicken
  • Fage

the perfect amount of points, protein… everything

then… then…. then…

I get home… popcorn …2 carrot cake protein bars and now I am into the chocolate …. ah hooey!!!

why am I struggling today? is it the holidays? stress? a shift in  the earths rotation? is this Karma for yesterdays judgmental post?


see ya tomorrow

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