Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Psssst ...... Hey...... Pssssstttt

So I have a confession

Psstttt ....

When I am not blogging...

I am EATING!!!!!!


Pecan pie, baked beans, pretzles, chocolate

The works

139.8 this morning

Back to reality girly girl

I cooked this morning, using my new mega cool food processor.. Thank you kiddo's :)

Salad, baked vegetables, green beans, hard boiled eggs, protein puddings and hard boiled eggs


2 days = 4 pounds


I have to get through today, family Christmas get together

Later blogger buds


  1. I had two pieces of cranberry pie and a piece of fruitcake. No, not in one day but still... We're back in the saddle as they say. Oatmeal for breakfast and a ham sandwich later for lunch. Now I'm off to my Weight Watcher meeting. :)

  2. It's so hard this time of year! One celebration dinner after another. I'm off to my daughters for brunch and I have no idea what she's serving.
    I'll be so glad to be back to a normal schedule!
    You know you rock kiddo and those 4lbs don't stand a chance of sticking around :)

  3. That's why there's a NEW year right after the holidaze!


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