Thursday, December 22, 2011

Super quick; yesterday’s eats

2011-12-21 04.46.21Fage with cinnamon, vanilla and Splenda

2011-12-21 04.46.37Cherries2011-12-21 04.46.56half  square of cranberry, almond protein bar these are just way too good to make again Sad smile 2011-12-21 04.47.07squash and baked vegetables with 3 ounces of chicken

2011-12-21 04.47.35salad2011-12-21 04.47.482011-12-21 04.59.30

protein pudding and oatmeal and egg whites

this is all good, BUT we had the Christmas buffet and there were killer green beans, I ate about 4 big helpings of green beans. Last year I did the same (folks in the city stores know how to cook!!!) I am sure they were boobie trapped (too much butter or something evil and delicious!!)   they were wayyyyy to yummy!! but give me a break they were green beans!

I came home last night, washed my face, brushed my teeth and went to bed… exactly in that order… I did not pass go, I did not collect $200 Smile with tongue out 

I was a tired tired gal! but I feel refreshed this morning Open-mouthed smile ………… like do any of you even care about this nonsense? You can tell I am not a “professional” blogger Disappointed smile

see ya tonight


  1. Yep - somewhere in the mix I /we have to lose out sweet tooth....
    Especially this time of year....
    And that's's worth it in the "end!"

  2. I thought of you when I saw some vitalicious muffins at the store! I ran away while I could :)
    I love your posts and I often wonder why people would read mine as well! Hope your day isn't too crazy.


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