Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday early early

When I am super busy and more stressed than normal I eat candy

This is an old behavior

I have to stop doing this!!! The scale said 138.2 this morning :(

How do you handle this? I am struggling with this! I may go into a phase in my life where I am busier than normal, and gaining weight from late night chocolate attacks is not okay!!! Also there is the issue of why is it even in the house?? Hubby likes some chocolate.... So why do I feel like I need to buy him the LARGEST bag that is made?? is this the good wife syndrome??

I have a crazy, stupid amount of things I need to take care of today.... This is life in session, and I am grateful that this is my life

So I have packed a very nutritious bag of food, I am going to take care of a few things this morning, go to work, and go to the gym tonight and get my sweat on!!!! I ALWAYS feel better when I make time for the gym... Hummm maybe I need to get this in more and get over the notion that if I am not "training" I am a total dork.... Like REALLY Karla!? Does anyone gives a rat's rear that I am working out? And how? Am I so full of myself that I think anyone would care??? Put on your music, and zone out... You can do this!!! Get over your gym phobia!!

Ok, to be totally honest, there is also the time issue.... This needs a bit more thought and planning, but I can do this ...

Ugh.... Me smart chickadee. ;p

Ok ladies and germs.... Nuff outta me this early morn.... Have an awesome day and I declare today as a "NO CANDY KARLA DAY"

Boo yaa!!!!
See ya all tonight :)

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  1. Don't be mean to Karla. I love her posts! I like to hear about everything from the food to the gym.

    Having candy in the house will certainly tempt me and especially when there is a bit of stress. You are really doing great.


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