Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yesterday and today

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I have got to make that stuffed spaghetti squash again, wow so yummy! when you add some chicken it makes a perfect meal! I also made another batch of the carrot cake protein bars, weird story…. my hubby tried them and commented “wow these taste like root beer” …. huh?

so the Splenda I was using in the recipe was brown, this time I used regular Splenda and no more root beer taste… see … again Paula Dean is safe Smile with tongue out

I made protein pudding/cheesecakes with Silk brand coconut milk… it’s a winner Open-mouthed smile

another soup, veggie… oh and I baked my hubbers his usual batch of toll house M&M/walnut/chocolate chip cookies… I only ate 2!! I count that as a victory!!

see ya tomorrow blogger buds Smile


  1. A victory indeed! I love spaghetti squash :)

  2. Sounds tasty! :) You have always have so many good food tips/recipes/ideas

  3. You're a saint! Baking those yummy things for your husband and then trying to resist. :)

  4. I need to pick up a spaghetti squash- they really are good and pairing it with chicken sounds fantastic!


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